Company Profile
DeCom Technical Services was established in 1994 to manufacture a range of superior control and process monitoring devices. In addition to our speciality products we have a selection of mine loco lighting/warning fittings. Our other area of expertise is the detection and monitoring of rip and tear damage to conveyer systems.

DeCom have many years of practical experience and technical expertise being utilised in these industry oriented products. Mining is in our blood, we understand the practical applications our equipment have to contend with, we have seen the results of mine safety being treated too lightly. We are committed to the improvement of safety standards through advanced and practical technology.

The materials we utilise in our designs are the very best available, but more than that is the real understanding of the environment and application in practical terms. When you install DeCom designs they just work, and they keep working, no fuss, no problems, no come-backs, we guarantee it !!

We have many installations that can be used as reference sites, call us today to discuss your needs and we will demonstrate the benefits that can be derived from the application of our equipment.

We can also customize any of our products to our customers specifications. Do you have a specific need ?

Give us a call.